March 2012 103 photoshop

I am so tired tonight…there has been work, shopping, cooking and time together. I really was not going to post a blog today but I made a promise to myself that I would write every day so here I am; tired but writing : )

When I  l o o k  u p  at the sky…

…it’s a reminder for me of the vastness of this planet we all live on. That millions of other people could be looking up at the sky at the same time as me and that there is so much possibility.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – look up.

Short and sweet today but I can now go to bed and not feel that itch I should have scratched.

Goodnight xx


Looking up

Well, it’s day 5 of December Photo A Day and I hope I am not boring you already! It’s so nice that you come along and look at my images and even take time to make comments, thank you so much!

Today we are  ‘L o o k i n g  U p’ and I really like the way my image turned out. I was laying down on the floor talking to our rabbit this morning (sounding a little crazy there!), we bring her indoors for winter, and I looked up and thought wow that would be a nice image for today’s subject! I hope you like it too. I just love the contrast of the blue sky and the darkness framing it; if you look closely you can see the moon too.

I hope today was great for you and wish you a relaxing evening ahead!

Jane xx

Looking Up

Long weekend

By this title I don’t mean the kind of long weekend that takes you to the seaside or a trip to a new city, oh no dear friends, I mean the kind of weekend that just never seems to end!

Recently my job changed (you may or may not remember me telling you) and I am now in Events & Marketing, whereas before it was purely Marketing with a pinch of Events every now and then. Part of my new role involves being a lot more involved in the organisation of events in my home town and this weekend was our annual show, which takes place over two days at the beginning of September.

The show is always well attended and is set in ‘my park’ which is one of my favourite places in the world (and where I would like some of my ashes spreading…sorry if that’s morbid…but I do) and has all sorts of activities throughout the weekend. There’s a fair, stalls of all kinds, a Diversity Festival, Horticultural Show, Vintage Vehicle Rally, Food Court, Fresh Produce & Craft Marquee, Jazz & Folk Marquee and loads more plus it’s free to get in…yes FREE I tell you!

The other girls in the Events Team work tirelessly the week before and over the weekend itself to ensure it runs smoothly and everyone has a great time. I helped out a great deal more than in past years and although it was very tiring I enjoyed every minute of it and even got to ride around on a golf buggy which was just fantastic! I am going to put a golf buggy on my wish list : )

Anyway, that was my weekend really, sun, fun, crowds of happy show goers and a bit of hard graft!

I hope the days since my last post have been good ones, enjoy the rest of this week and I will leave you with a few images I took last weekend…

I made the ugliest plant in our garden look almost pretty!

And finally, in my opinion, the prettiest flower in our garden right now.

Take care…Jane xxx

Sunday best…

…is purely self indulgent as it’s the best bits of my wonderful day.

Whether you were celebrating Mothers Day or not I hope your day had some best bits!

This is the song that will eternally remind me of how it feels to be a mother, Kooks by David Bowie

As always I wish you a fantastic week ahead with a little magic thrown in somewhere!

Jane xx