The writing is on the move

I have moved the writing…it just seems better as the primary reason for the felt boutique is craft and promotion not writing.

I really hope you will come and visit.

Jane x


In motion

In motion.

Waking, rising, speaking, smiling, cuddling.

Opening, filling, boiling, pouring, stirring, drinking.

Spreading, slicing, cutting, wrapping.

Making, sitting, eating, chatting, watching, laughing.

In motion.

Brushing, flushing, cuddling, knocking, greeting, leaving.

Clearing, spraying, wiping, hoovering, ironing.

Sitting, thinking, typing, reading, re-typing.

This is Friday so far…in motion.

January prompt-a-day from write alm today’s promptly is – in motion.

We will be in motion to the seaside when my son finishes school staying until tomorrow evening…yeah! : )

I hope you have a restful weekend xx

Whitby Harbour waves