Currently reading…

…not from the pages of a book

but from opened hearts

souls bared

snippets of lives

precious thoughts never before given to others.


Words so tangible

for a minute

I am invited into your world

and I am honoured

because I know how hard it can be.


Beautiful words

tenderly offered 

born from love, pain, joy, purity

giving life’s everything.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – currently reading

You all amaze me…thank you for allowing me into your worlds.

Jane xx



I am rooted but not fixed

Able to move freely

But happy to return

To my harbour


I am grounded but not immovable

Eager to explore

But happy to return

To my sanctuary


I am secure but not locked

Willing to roam

But happy to return

To my haven

I love this quote from Simone Weil To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognised need of the human soul.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – rooted.

Thanks for reading…Jane xx

Reflection on a life overshadowed

I cannot make you well. I am not a doctor, nurse, maker of miracles. But, if I could you know I would because when I see your pain it fills me with a sadness I cannot put into words.

It has taken so many things from you…us. Sometimes at its worst you are a shadow floating around us; a ghost.

I would be a liar if I said it doesn’t make me angry because sometimes I could scream until my lungs burst. This anger is not for you but for it.

We do hide its impact on our lives from others because even though they care they wouldn’t understand…why should they?

Sometimes I feel so sad I can hardly breath but thankfully that is not often. I have to stay strong, be the prop; and that’s fine because I am not the one in constant pain.

We deal with this everyday; sometimes quietly, sometimes less so.

I know you don’t want sympathy because that is just a reminder of what you have to endure every day. But I want you to know that I am happy, I love you with every bone in my body, even when I am angry, and I wouldn’t want to walk this bumpy road with anyone else.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – reflection.

You have no idea how good it felt to write that…personal therapy (aka daily writing).

Jane xx


Just enough

Just enough wind to make us feel exhilarated.

Just enough rain to feel part of the elements.

Just enough good food to make our belly’s happy.

Just enough pebbles to throw in the salty pool left by the sea.

Just enough laughter to make us content.

Just enough good music to make our journey home more fun.

Just enough time by the sea to recharge our batteries.

January prompt-a-day from write alm today’s promptly is – just enough.

In motion

In motion.

Waking, rising, speaking, smiling, cuddling.

Opening, filling, boiling, pouring, stirring, drinking.

Spreading, slicing, cutting, wrapping.

Making, sitting, eating, chatting, watching, laughing.

In motion.

Brushing, flushing, cuddling, knocking, greeting, leaving.

Clearing, spraying, wiping, hoovering, ironing.

Sitting, thinking, typing, reading, re-typing.

This is Friday so far…in motion.

January prompt-a-day from write alm today’s promptly is – in motion.

We will be in motion to the seaside when my son finishes school staying until tomorrow evening…yeah! : )

I hope you have a restful weekend xx

Whitby Harbour waves

Life’s work

I have to admit this one really stumped me…I mean totally.  I mulled over it all day yesterday and still…nothing.

Then I realised I was trying to pin down one thing and there in lies the problem. Life’s work for me is not one thing it is many…and it will be many more in the future.

I cannot merely measure it on my family life, my job or my hobbies because all of these things and many more make my life what it is.

Right now my life’s work is all the things it should be. It is happiness, hard work, time spent together, time alone, love, laughter, tears, sadness, frustration, worry, memories (good and bad), creating, good times…and the list goes on.

January promt-a-day from write alm – today’s is life’s work

I hope your week is going well?

Jane xx

Take flight

I know one day it has to be…it is what we have prepared you for while nurturing you and loving you (more than we ever imagined).

In quiet moments I dare to think how it will be to not see your smile every morning and feel your arms hug me; but my heart sinks so low I can hardly breath.

What will we do? What will life be? Who will beat box for us (even though it sometimes drives us mad)? Who will your dad play his bass guitar with? Who will tell us about minecraft? Who will snuggle up to me on the sofa when your dad is at work? 

You enrich our lives more than you will ever know, truly. You have the kindest heart, the best sense of humour and the softest kisses.

It will happen and we know it.

You will take flight and we will be so proud of you, our boy.

January prompt-a-day from write alm – take flight is today’s prompt.


I hope you enjoying your weekend and I wish you a happy week ahead.

Jane xx

Hello : )

Well, I haven’t blogged for 12 days…how did that happen? I really don’t know? I just really haven’t felt like it, it’s been a sort of unscheduled break and I have enjoyed it!! There I said it, yes I have enjoyed not blogging! I was getting a bit bogged down with it, well not just it, everything. I have been feeling stressed people but you may be pleased to hear that I am coming out of the other end less stressed and very much looking forward to the  F e s t i v e   S e a s o n. The reason for my stress is nothing more than life and an inability to cope at one particular time…it happens sometimes doesn’t it?

I just wanted to say  h e l l o  and I hope you are doing just fine!

I will leave you with a few photos from this past weekend from our visit to  L  i n c o l n…wow what a place, I love it and must urge you to go if you haven’t been…it is  p r e t t y  with a capital P!

Have a great week!

Jane xx

The smile

A truly happy Friday to you!!! I have never been so glad to reach the end of the week. I don’t like wishing my life away but phew!!

How are you? Has it been a busy week for you too?

Next week promises to be a lot slower, it’s October half term here and I am having a few days off work to spend at home with my lovely boy : )

Creative writing didn’t come easy this week, probably because my head has been full of lots of other nonsense, but I have managed it. It did start off as something completely different, however I am pleased with it. I thinks it’s turned out to be a story about hope in a way.

T h e  s m i l e

She stared out of the window onto the street; people bustled past busy with chores and places to be. A couple of school children ran by and she could hear their laughter, all their lives in front of them.

She turned her face back to the television and tried to muster up some enthusiasm, but the day had worn her out with its blandness.

Pulling herself up from the chair her stomach rumbled; she’d had nothing to eat all day. Sliding her feet into her slippers she shuffled through to the kitchen in search of some food.

First she opened the bread bin finding inside one stale slice of wholemeal bread. He’d always insisted on wholemeal, ‘None of that white rubbish in this household’, and she’d been happy to oblige. Moving over to the fridge she opened the door and the light inside flickered; it had been doing that for as long as she could remember, she’d expected the bulb to go completely but it just kept on flickering. Reaching for the milk a rather pungent smell wafted up from the carton and checking the use by date there was no wonder.

Since he’d gone life had been hard, she’d lost her spark and the world somehow felt bigger and a little more daunting. When he was alive they’d never have been stale bread and milk on the turn, she’d had purpose. Standing there in the kitchen at that moment she felt so alone, she couldn’t even remember the last time she’d spoken to anyone; it somehow felt easier not to go out there, safer.

Shuffling back through to the lounge she stopped at the framed photograph on the sideboard, a handsome chap in a uniform smiled at her; she smiled back. ‘I know Jack’, she said out loud. ‘What the hell am I doing love?’

She carried on to the lounge door, passing it without entering the room. She took her coat off the hook and put it on; then her shoes. As she unlocked the front door and opened it to go out, she looked back and he was still smiling. ‘Good afternoon Mrs Ross!’ shouted Julia from next door. ‘It is love isn’t it?’ she replied.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying Friday!

Have a really great weekend!

Jane x x