I am rooted but not fixed

Able to move freely

But happy to return

To my harbour


I am grounded but not immovable

Eager to explore

But happy to return

To my sanctuary


I am secure but not locked

Willing to roam

But happy to return

To my haven

I love this quote from Simone Weil To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognised need of the human soul.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – rooted.

Thanks for reading…Jane xx



My talisman is not a thing but a place.

It is where I feel happiest, protected, loved, truly needed.

It is where everything I know and cherish is contained.

A space so magical where I can truly breath, truly be.

It can’t be held in my hand or worn around my neck yet is close to me always.

My talisman is my home…and no matter where I go I am always happy to return.

January prompt-a-day from write alm today’s promptly is talisman(s)

Shadows and lego man

I hope your week has been a good one so far?

Jane xx

This week & Sunday selection

Hi there and how’re things? I hope your are having a super weekend! What kind of week has it been? Busy, quiet? Manic!! Mine has been fairly steady which has been good.

My Dad is continuing to recover well from his operation, a little too well! I don’t mean I wish he felt awful, but he is just so impatient, and I am worried he will over do it and knock his recovery back. I do keep having a few ‘serious’ words with him. I am sure he probably wants to tell me to get lost but he’s my dad and I care about him.

On Friday night I caught up with a friend for dinner (scampi – very 70’s but not in a basket!) and a drink (a pint of Guinness and a large Merlot). We had a really good chat and a laugh, thanks H!!

T o d a y  I have decided to bring back ‘Sunday best’  but under the new name ‘Sunday selection’. Sunday best sounds a bit like ‘hey, these are the best and all the rest are rubbish’, and even though that was not my intention I just think Sunday selection sounds nicer. There are so many wonderful things out there it’s hard to choose to be honest!

I have called this weeks selection  h o m e  to compliment my second creative writing piece which I posted on Friday. It’s here if you haven’t had a chance to read it.

I thought as  C h r i s t m a s  is not too far away it would be good to bookmark some gifts too! I hope you like my choices.

tea towels yellow and green stripes by linen world

home sweet home giclee art print by one little bird studio

spoon rest by sonia girotti

linen tablecloth by lovely home idea

hand made pillow brown and pink by paula

Sending you lots of   h a p p y   v i b e s   for a fabulous week ahead.

Jane x x

p.s. Just to let you know, I appreciate every comment made and every like so thank you x

This place

Hello and I hope you have had a splendid week so far?

This second piece of creative writing is written from the heart, this is about me and mine and not a work of fiction.

T h i s   p l a c e

It’s where I have laughed until I couldn’t breathe, cried myself to sleep; felt helpless, felt happiest, kissed, hugged, talked, and brought home my baby. It’s a place of untold memories, not just mine but the people before.

It’s like I haven’t known any other, just this, so familiar as if this is where my life began and all others were imagined.

Life was formed here, death looked over my shoulder here; lives are lived here. We sing, we dance, we play, we create, we grow, we love, oh yes we love. We shout and there is silence, there are others and there is just us.

It’s ours: it smells of us, feels like us; and when we return after a long journey we rest our heads here and feel safe.

It’s where we feel like nothing else matters in the world. This place is not simply bricks and mortar it’s where we belong; the three of us.

Happy Friday and wishes for a lovely weekend.

Jane x x

Time off…

…is just great isn’t it? It’s been five days and it feels like so much longer which is always a bonus. Seriously people I could get used to working two days a week, it rocks big time!!!

Not blogged for 6 days, although it feels like six weeks to be honest, have I been in some kind of time warp??!!

So, how have you been? Was last week a good week for you? Did anything exciting happen? I would truly love to hear.

We have done some cool things over the last five days, we’ve been to the cinema, played tennis, done lots of relaxing (that’s been good), found amazing things in unexpected places, had friends round, tidied the house, I may have shouted once or twice (I blame it on the heat), eaten too many custart creams, made some jewellery, bounced, watched TV (loved the Olympics closing ceremony), laughed lots, been out with friends…it’s been good…really good.

Here are a few photos of the last five days which are also part of The August Break.

Have a great week, hope it’s started well?

Jane xxx