Green light

The green light has been broken for so long the replacement bulbs are no longer stocked…I looked but could not find one anywhere. Amber flickered on a few months ago but only briefly…so it’s just been red for the longest time.

Then one day I came across a website and low and behold they sold the exact bulbs I needed for the green light! So, I purchased one there and then. It arrived promptly; I unwrapped it carefully so as not to break it. It was a little tricky I can tell you…it flickered a few times and then went off; but I didn’t give up. I tried and tried then suddenly with a final twist it came on as bright a green as you have ever seen and it’s been like that ever since!

Thanks Write Alm for the bulb that has lit up my green light and thanks to all the other wonderful writers out there who are inspiring me very much!

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – green light.

green light

I am going to purchase a few spare bulbs just in case…

Jane xx