‘C’ is for…

‘C’ is for cervix

‘C ‘ is for cancer

two things inextricably linked.


One I miss

the other I do not.

One held the promise of a second child

the other took that away.


I feel guilt

and an overwhelming sense of protection

for my only child

and that somehow I have let him down.


It is ten years ago now

time is a great healer

but still, sometimes in quiet moments

I cry about what could have been.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – ‘C’ is for

Last week was Cervical Cancer Awareness Week for more info on this and Cervical Cancer click here.

Cervical Cancer may have taken away my chance of another child but thanks to Cervical Screening I am able to see my wonderful boy grow up.

Have a great Sunday.

Jane xx

Through the grass from the beach