‘C’ is for…

‘C’ is for cervix

‘C ‘ is for cancer

two things inextricably linked.


One I miss

the other I do not.

One held the promise of a second child

the other took that away.


I feel guilt

and an overwhelming sense of protection

for my only child

and that somehow I have let him down.


It is ten years ago now

time is a great healer

but still, sometimes in quiet moments

I cry about what could have been.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – ‘C’ is for

Last week was Cervical Cancer Awareness Week for more info on this and Cervical Cancer click here.

Cervical Cancer may have taken away my chance of another child but thanks to Cervical Screening I am able to see my wonderful boy grow up.

Have a great Sunday.

Jane xx

Through the grass from the beach



Today I heard some bad news about someone I know. I don’t know this lady well, we just used to chat sometimes in the playground or outside school after dropping off our kids. I know she was ill with cancer but the last time I saw her she was fighting it and doing okay.

I don’t see her very much anymore as our children are now at comprehensive school so I haven’t been able to ask how she is doing.

Today I had a text from a friend who volunteers at our local hospice and this poor lady is in there and gravely ill. I was so utterly saddened to hear this news. She has three young children for goodness sake and is only 41, why does this have to happen?

I tell you one thing though it put everything into perspective for me right there and then! I have been moaning all week about having to apply for my own job at work, worrying about it and stressing about the application but lets face it this is small fry compared to what could happen.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

I have had cancer myself (cervical) quite a few years ago now and I know how it feels to be told those words you do not want to hear. Happily I was fine, a hysterectomy sorted me out.

The reason I feel so sad about this lady is because we did chat a bit about having cancer and how it felt and now look, she is in the hospice and I am fine. I don’t know how I got so lucky you know and why other people aren’t so fortunate.

Being realistic I know I will still stress and moan (as we all do) about silly things but sometimes it does you good to step back and get some perspective on life.

On a brighter note I hope your week is going well. Do you have any plans to celebrate the Jubilee? Our town is gearing up for a huge celebration and I cannot wait!

Be well.

Jane xx