Currently reading…

…not from the pages of a book

but from opened hearts

souls bared

snippets of lives

precious thoughts never before given to others.


Words so tangible

for a minute

I am invited into your world

and I am honoured

because I know how hard it can be.


Beautiful words

tenderly offered 

born from love, pain, joy, purity

giving life’s everything.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – currently reading

You all amaze me…thank you for allowing me into your worlds.

Jane xx


Frinspire: gold

Fridays over here on my blog will now be home to  F r i n s p i r e!  It’s a day I don’t work so I feel a little more relaxed and able to write down what has inspired me over the week. I will aim to do this every Friday but you know what it’s like, sometimes that just won’t happen. But hey, this is not life saving I am doing here, it’s a bit of fun, so if I miss one or two there’s no sweat!

This week I have felt inspired by the colour  g o l d,  not a precious metal/colour that I am particularly fussed about, I am more of a silver girl, but I found lots of   i n s p i r a t i o n  on Etsy this week. After listening to a little David Bowie (Golden Years) I had a search around and with all the super talented people creating amazing things, who wouldn’t like gold!

What inspired you this week?

These are 3 of my favourites, they are all so beautiful!

large gold paper bowl by up in the air somewhere

rose gold nugget bracelet by la romantica

gold raw silk rolled rose fabric brooch by shalotte

Gold 2

I even have a little splash of gold in my own shop right now and intend to add a bit more…I just might be a gold convert!

Wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend!

Jane xx


I love taking photographs…I really do. I love the fact that it’s free (after purchasing a camera that is) and you can just go out into the world and take images of things that inspire you, make you smile, the people you love, favourite places, seasons, the weather; the possibilities are endless. I also love to play about with images, create a mood, enhance, brighten, darken and sometimes I even leave them just as they are!

The photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim is such good exercise for being creative; some of the challenges get me pondering, perhaps even slightly stressed (really only very slightly) but it works your mind in so many ways and makes you see beauty where you maybe wouldn’t have previously. We all have so many memories in our heads and that’s amazing but looking through photographs sometimes reminds you of a great moment in your life; it may not have been anything major, maybe just how the sun shone through the trees in your favourite place or perhaps a cheeky smile from your child when they were small. It’s so good to look over them and remember things your memory has maybe forgotten.

My camera is not fantastic but I am comfortable with it. I would like a better one eventually but in the meantime I will continue to look through my lens and try to capture a little bit of magic.

Photo a day: days 5 to 10




January 2013 Days 5, 6, 7

something beginning with ‘t’


1 o’clock

January days 8, 9, 10

This final image is a favourite of mine and was taken last weekend while on a walk in a lovely village called Wentworth.

Walk in Wentworth 4 January 2012

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
Aaron Siskind

I am signing off most online activity for the weekend. We are going away for my son’s 13th Birthday and the internet connection is not great where we will be.

I hope you are well and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Take care my friends…Jane xxx

Quick as a flash…

…and March is gone! How fast? Very for me! Do you feel the same? Although it has been a beautiful month weather wise so no complaints there I can tell you.

Spring does bring the prettiest flowers doesn’t it? There have also been some stunning sunsets. Here is a selection of some of my favourite bits of spring so far, some from my garden and some from my parent’s garden today.

I wish you a very happy April and hope we all get lots more of this wonderful sunshine!

Jane xx