‘C’ is for…

‘C’ is for cervix

‘C ‘ is for cancer

two things inextricably linked.


One I miss

the other I do not.

One held the promise of a second child

the other took that away.


I feel guilt

and an overwhelming sense of protection

for my only child

and that somehow I have let him down.


It is ten years ago now

time is a great healer

but still, sometimes in quiet moments

I cry about what could have been.

January prompt-a-day with write alm today’s prompt is – ‘C’ is for

Last week was Cervical Cancer Awareness Week for more info on this and Cervical Cancer click here.

Cervical Cancer may have taken away my chance of another child but thanks to Cervical Screening I am able to see my wonderful boy grow up.

Have a great Sunday.

Jane xx

Through the grass from the beach


15 thoughts on “‘C’ is for…

  1. This is a powerful post, my friend. First of all, I am so sorry cervical cancer took away your ability to have another child. I relate, not to cancer, but to the pain of not having the family I so desired, due to endometriosis. There is a guilt, yes. There is so much pain. There is longing, and want, and the grieving for the visions and dreams and all the things we thought would be part of our journey. ((((holds))))

    I am so, SO very glad your cancer is gone. I am so glad you are alive, and watching your child grow. ❤

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is powerful. And when you share your story, others realize they can to. And I really think this is the way to heal the world. One story at a time, bravely told, openly heard, and shared.

    • Angie, thanks so much for your words of understanding and encouragement…truly. I am so sorry you have battled too…it can be so hard when our lives just don’t work out the way we thought. I was so angry with the world and felt lost when it happened but so grateful at the same time that something could be done. These things that have worn us down are the things that make us strong…we can be even stronger knowing we have people who understand. Life is precious even in its imperfection xx

      • I agree. For over 20 years I’ve made room for this pain in my life, and I can see now that I’m resilient in some ways. I do feel some anger, and a lot of sorrow and grief. The strength is in the sharing, for sure. I see it here on your blog. ((hugs))

      • I understand that. I noticed you don’t have *share this post* buttons on your entries, so I didn’t want to just fling your work around. I did share your “Just A Writer Of Words” post on Twitter and FB the other day, and now I’m worried I shouldn’t have, so I thought I’d better ask. ❤

  2. Angie, no need to worry really you can share my stuff for sure…guess I did not activate my share this post button!

    I know I have a voice but sometimes that just needs validating…thanks for being here.

    • Hello Jessica and thank you so much for taking time to comment it is much appreciated. I am here, happy and with my boy…life is good just a few dark clouds every now and then; but they blow over. Thanks for reading. Jane x

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