Hoovering. Yes. This is my guilty pleasure. But, I am not alone. My dad likes doing it. My brother too. So it’s hereditary, yes? 

My neighbour once sent a text to me which said ‘sit down and relax’, she had heard me hoovering at 9pm. In my defence I had spilled something (yeah, right). I pondered this text and got a little vexed. It’s my home and I’ll hoover if I want to. I got over it.

I still hoover as much. It makes me happy.

I may need therapy.

But, hang on…I don’t like ironing. There, balance is restored.

January promt-a-day from write alm – today’s promt is guilty pleasure.

Hope you’re having a good day?

Jane xx


8 thoughts on “Hoovering

  1. Oooooooo no. I hate ironing too. I had an ex-boyfriend who liked hearing the Hoover, especially early in the morning when he was still in bed, because it reminded him of being at home with his Mum. Maybe she was a Hoover addict too??

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