New habits

There are good habits and there are bad habits…we all have them. Even something as simple as needing that first cup of tea in the morning before you can function properly. I tried lemon and warm water for a while but the tea won!

I try so hard not to get into too many habits because I see people who’s lives are over-run with them and I don’t think that’s healthy. Don’t get me wrong though I am not a habit hater they are what gets me up most mornings and sometimes they are what gets you through the day.

I’d like to get into the habit of not creating too many habits, only the necessary ones, but one habit I am more than happy to nurture is more writing…to me that’s a habit worth having!

Hope you are having a great Saturday!

Jane xx

January prompt-a-day from write alm


6 thoughts on “New habits

  1. Tea wins here too! I seem to be making more habits as I get older, I like my routine much more than I used to. Is that normal for getting older or just me??

  2. There is definitely a necessity for routine and habits I don’t think you could function without them I just don’t want to get to the point where I won’t change my routine if something else crops up. Tea really is the only thing in the morning isn’t it! : ) Have a fab Sunday!

  3. morning coffee is my habit. writing follows the morning coffee. other than that, the habits i like to cultivate are about heart and giving and supporting – being the kind of person i’d like my children to be 😉 also, it’s constant work!

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