I really love writing and I do not do it enough. I have a few pieces here written last year but for the best part of 6 months I haven’t written or blogged anything here.

Today I was inspired to write again when I saw this in my twitter feed. I thought yes, this is what I need a prompt so thank you Amanda. Today’s word is  t i m e  (ironically the thing that has stopped me from writing – well lack of it at least!).

You can be so cruel ravaging minds, bodies and so many beautiful things. Yet your kindness astounds me allowing us to heal and forget pain and sadness.

Because of you I have forgotten many things I swore I would remember; a smile, a kiss…oh so many things. But, you haven’t stolen all my memories, there are a million tucked away in a place you will never touch.

You have taken away people I have loved, you have allowed me to be with people I cannot live without…you are so many things and what would we be without you?

You are ever-present, ever past and ever future; always giving and always taking.

When for me you have run out I hope just one tiny part of me will always exist…somewhere in your eternal tide.

Whitby looking towards Sandsend

I may not write every day but I am determined to write more for sure!

Take care

Jane x


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