five things

It’s been a while since I have written a post here…I hope you are well? The name has changed but it’s  still me here : )

My friend Elizabeth over at Polka Dot Skies has written a lovely post, telling us five things we may not know about her, and has encouraged people to join in! What better way to return to my blog…

1. My older cousin was a dental nurse and I looked up to her greatly when I was growing up,  so much so that I wanted to be one myself. I got a job as a dental nurse in my early twenties and lasted a week…it was not my dream job after all. I do still look after my teeth really well though!


2. I always wanted to be shorter. At 5′ 11″ I felt ‘too tall’ and dreamed of being smaller and wearing high heals without feeling like a giant. I guess I got my wish as at 45 I have now shrunk by an inch and a half!

3. I love old movies and I think if I could go back in time I would go back to the 1940’s as everyone looked so glamorous! The reality of it would have been a lot less glamorous…but hey, I can dream!

4. I would like to retire by the sea in an old cottage and have roses growing round the door.

A room with a view

5. I wish I had learned to play an instrument. I would have loved to have been a female drummer in a rock band!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Jane : )


5 thoughts on “five things

  1. Hi sweet friend! I love knowing more about you! I am 5′ 8.5″ and always felt so tall, too! Especially in middle school when all the cute boys were much shorter than me. But now I love my height…wish I started out as 5′ 11″… I have lost a little too:(
    You would have been a great drummer in a rock band!
    Thanks for joining the 5 things post!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Hey, good to read you 😉 I am short and would love to be 5’11”. It’s most annoying having to get a stool to stand on to reach things or get the assistant to get things down for you in the supermarket. My younger siblings are taller and take the mickey too!!!

  3. Hi nice to see you here! I owe you a visit…it’s been ages : ( I suppose we are never happy with out height either way are we, especially when we’re young! I’ve lost count of the amount of things I have reached from high shelves for people but I am always happy to help : ) Hope you and your family are well? J xx

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