Frinspire: 1970’s chic

Hello and happy Friday : )

Today’s Frinspire is all about the 1970’s! My husband played me this song the other day and reminded me how much I love it (yes I did do a 70’s style dance to it) and consequently it got me thinking about the era, hence my inspiration for this week.

I love 70’s music, Led Zeppelin, TRex, Fleetwood Mac…I always wanted to be Stevie Nicks in my early teens; I thought and still think she is fabulous. My dad took me to see Fleetwood Mac a few years ago and they were beyond amazing! p.s. my dad has a crush on Stevie but don’t tell my mum…ssshhhh.

Did any singers inspire you when you were young or perhaps still do now?

Anyway, here are this week’s choices…I hope you like them?

pansy hippie turban twist headband by rum raisin white moonstone ring by the sly fox

1970’s off white linen dress from story tellers vintage art print scrabble by scissors paper mouse 

1970s chic

Have a great weekend!

Jane xx


9 thoughts on “Frinspire: 1970’s chic

  1. I love the ring and totally agree with the sentiment in the picture! I was a bit of a hippie in the early 70s but confess I haven’t much desire to revisit a lot of the style!

  2. Oh I love seventies stuff, even some of the garish prints! And Led Zep are a big favourite of mine (although I was too young to appreciate them in the 70s!!). How are you enjoying the snow?? We are tucked up and cosy 😉

    • The flares aren’t a favourite of mine but other stuff definitely! I was too young in the 70’s but when I became a teen I really got into music : ) Not stopped snowing all day here but doesn’t seen to be settling much. Stay cosy! Jane xxx

    • Elizabeth I was so not cool believe me and I am so not cool now!! I may have liked to have been Stevie Nicks but I was nothing like her in reality : ) So glad we are united in our children being who they are…lets hope they stick with it! Have a great weekend! Jane xxx

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