Frinspire: gold

Fridays over here on my blog will now be home to  F r i n s p i r e!  It’s a day I don’t work so I feel a little more relaxed and able to write down what has inspired me over the week. I will aim to do this every Friday but you know what it’s like, sometimes that just won’t happen. But hey, this is not life saving I am doing here, it’s a bit of fun, so if I miss one or two there’s no sweat!

This week I have felt inspired by the colour  g o l d,  not a precious metal/colour that I am particularly fussed about, I am more of a silver girl, but I found lots of   i n s p i r a t i o n  on Etsy this week. After listening to a little David Bowie (Golden Years) I had a search around and with all the super talented people creating amazing things, who wouldn’t like gold!

What inspired you this week?

These are 3 of my favourites, they are all so beautiful!

large gold paper bowl by up in the air somewhere

rose gold nugget bracelet by la romantica

gold raw silk rolled rose fabric brooch by shalotte

Gold 2

I even have a little splash of gold in my own shop right now and intend to add a bit more…I just might be a gold convert!

Wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend!

Jane xx


8 thoughts on “Frinspire: gold

  1. although i’m a silver girl myself, sometimes gold is irresistable. found once a wall painted gold ad it was so beautiful :-)) as if the sun was shining :-)) it had the effect of the gold paper bowl. and that’s my favorite too :-))

    have a nice weekend, jane :-))

  2. Such gorgeous finds! I am a silver girl, too! But I am seeing gold everywhere right now! I am loving little pops of green! Hope you have a great weekend! Things on my end have been quiet lately… All is well! Just busy with good stuff!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth! Looks like I will have to do a silver Frinspired!! Glad you are well and busy with good stuff : ) Green is so good for spring, there are so many different shades and great for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday! Have a fantastic weekend! J xx

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