g i n g e r b o y p h o t o g r a p h s

Good evening and how are you? I hope you had a really great weekend!

I have made the decision to move all my photographs over to a new blog called gingerboyphotographs. I feel this blog is becoming too heavy with photographs and as it’s a blog about craft and stuff  I want it to be so again, properly. I do hope you will take a look at my new blog and even follow it if you feel so inclined, I would really love to see you over their too! This blog will now be what it was set up to be with more craft stuff and little bit of promotion for my shop thrown in.

Just wanted to let you know…have a wonderful week!

Jane xx

Snowy path


6 thoughts on “g i n g e r b o y p h o t o g r a p h s

    • We’ve had loads and it is so pretty!! Monday has been great thanks…hope your Monday is good too!! Enjoy the rest of your week. How was K when she got home from school on Friday? I hope everything was okay mama bird : ) Jane xx

  1. Why does snow make everything look so beautiful??? It’s gorgeous today now the sun is out. Hope you have made the most of it and done some sledging? Shall be popping over to the new blog for a peek.

    • It really does doesn’t it!! Yes, today has been a really lovely day sun and snow…good mix!! We haven’t been sledging yet we haven’t had the chance and forgot to take it to the park last weekend : ( Have you been? Have a fab week xx

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