s n o w i n g

Yes it is! It’s not big fluffy cotton wool snow but the icing sugar kind at the moment; but I am hoping for ‘bigger’ snow really soon : ) I know it can be inconvenient but my goodness it looks so beautiful! Do you have any?

So, how has your week been so far? Mine has flown! I hope this year doesn’t think it’s going as fast as 2012 because I am just not putting up with it! What I intend to do about that is anybody’s guess, but seriously time needs to slow down a little.

Weather permitting I have quite a nice weekend planned. Dinner and a drink or two with a friend tomorrow and then food and the cinema (to eventually see the Hobbit) on Saturday with my husband and son. Do you have any plans?

I hope you have a great weekend whatever your plans are and if you happen to get snowed in keep safe and warm.

Jane xxxx

Images from today and the past 6 days of Fat Mum Slim’s January photo a day. One of my images (Chinese lanterns) got picked for the daily fab four which I was really chuffed about : ) along with my friend Esther : )

If you hover over each image it will tell you what they are representing xx





An ordinary moment

2 things



7 thoughts on “s n o w i n g

  1. Snowing here too. Not lots but steady and what there is seems to be sticking. If it carried on all night there could be quite a bit by morning 😀
    Not a lot planned for the weekend, there will be the usual karate lessons and swimming lesson but don’t know what else which is good because it means we can stay indoors by the fire and keep warm or venture out for lots of sledging/snowman building/snowball fights with any luck. Stay cosy!

  2. Steady here too…lots more forecast though!! Your weekend sounds spot on and ours could turn out pretty much the same if the snow does get heavier. The snow based activities sounds like a winner too…there will definitely be at least a snowy walk on our agenda. You stay cosy too! xx

  3. haha yeah we were both in the fab four :-)) pretty awesome to be your neighbor in that thing :-)) and yes i have plans, not only for the weekend but for a whole week. family visit. and visiting (old) friends. that’s pretty awesome too. (so no post for me upcoming week 🙂 but of course i will make photo and place them later. winter is still here, and i love it. although it is pretty cold over here :-))
    did i mention i started a new project? you can find it here: http://printsandpatterns.blogspot.nl/
    to push my other creative side :-))
    enjoy your weekend. :-))

    • Hi Esther! It was great to be in the fab four and for me it was a real surprise!! You sound like you have a great weekend and week ahead planned…I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends!!

      I love winter more with snow as it looks so good : ) Thanks for sharing your new project with me I will enjoy looking at it very much. Take care and speak soon xx

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