Peace, happiness & love for the new year

Well another year is almost done and dusted…how was is for you? For me, overall, it was a good one…way too fast but good all the same. Will there be resolutions? No. But there will be goals…not quite sure what yet, but there has to be at least one?

I would like to wish you all  peace, happiness and love  as we move into a new year. Thank you for being here in this small space of mine and I really hope you can join me in 2013.

Love from Jane xxxx

Here are my last images for December photo a day 2012.

how I relax & cold

Days 27 & 28

hot & something that made me smile

Days 29 & 30

and finally, self-portrait

Self portrait


2 thoughts on “Peace, happiness & love for the new year

  1. Hello, pretty lady! I love your self-portrait! Sending you lots of peace, happiness, and love for the new year, too! Last year, I made a fun goal… learning to make marshmallows! I don’t know what this year’s goal will be… I guess I’d better get on that! 🙂
    xoxo Elizabeth

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth! I really don’t like photos of myself but this one is not so bad…apart from my nose looks big!! I will set a fun goal too along with a more serious one or maybe two!! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and thanks for always being there! Much love Jane xxxxx

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