Wishing you a merry Christmastime!

Hello lovely people!

I just want to take a little time today to wish you all a very  M e r r y  C h r i s t m a s.

I hope you all get to spend the day with the people you love and that it is a very  j o l l y  affair!

Thanks for all the ‘likes’, comments, follows and all your general loveliness; it really does mean an awful lot!

Take care and may your hearts sing with  j o y  on Christmas Day!

Love from Jane xxxx

Please click on the image to hear one of my favourite Christmas songs : )

Wishing you a magical christmas,jpg


7 thoughts on “Wishing you a merry Christmastime!

  1. Merry Christmas Mrs! Just waiting for Father Christmas here but the Elves have already been with new pyjama’s and mugs for hot chocolate 😉 Have a great holiday xx

    • Hi Gabriella! Nice to hear from you : ) We had a great day thanks; much the same as yours by the sound of things! I worked on Thursday but apart from that we have all pretty much sat on our backsides!! I could get used to it : ) Hope you are enjoying some well-earned relaxation time? Are you doing much for New Year? Jane xxx

      • had a great new year thanks – at a party with friends; makes a change from sitting at home watching tv and trying to stay up! Mind you we came back at 10.30 as my dd was really flagging then. x

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