Black & white

Today’s December Photo A Day is  ‘B l a c k  &  W h i t e’  so I had a little think and decided to take a photo of the building opposite my office as the top half of it is black & white!

I am not sure if this building is as old as it looks; a little research suggests it could have been built in the 1920’s after the building before it was damaged. The building behind it however, which is a pub, seems to date from the 1860’s. It is a rather run down drinking establishment now but when we were younger my husband and I used to drink there as it was a ‘proper pub’. I bet it was great in the 1860’s. I’d love to travel back in time to check it out!

I hope today’s post finds you well!

Jane xx

Black & White Building

A picture I found of the pub, don’t you just love old photos like this!

Red Lion


6 thoughts on “Black & white

    • There are some lovely buildings in my town Elizabeth and some really not so lovely! The bit of town I work in is probably one of the best bits as we have a beautiful church on the other side too! Hope you are having a great day? Jane xx

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