In my hand

Hello and happy Monday!! How has the start of this week gone for you? Great I hope!

Today’s December Photo A Day words are  ‘S o m e t h i n g  Y o u  H e l d’  so I decided that a bottle of perfume would be my image for today.

Now, this is no ordinary bottle of perfume…there is a little story behind it! I was looking after my beautiful and wonderful friend Emilia’s cat earlier this year and while I was there I spotted some perfume in her lounge. We have known each other for far too many year’s to even mention and I knew she wouldn’t mind me having a spray…so I did! Wow did I love that perfume, it was heavenly and one I have never heard of before. I did confess to Emilia that I’d had a spray…or two…or three and she didn’t mind one bit!  Anyway, I had Emilia and our other wonderful friend Jane around for food and wine last Friday and guess what she brought me? Yes, the perfume…to keep (loud excited squeal!).

So, this is why the perfume is no ordinary perfume because it was given with so much love…thanks Mila, you are a truly amazing friend xxx

A treasured gift from Mila


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