The holly & the ivy

Well despite not having nearly as many Christmas presents as I should have I am feeling in real festive fettle! We had a lovely walk in the woods today and saw lots of holly and ivy and I have been singing the carol in my head ever since! I love Christmas Carols and one of my favourites is ‘I Saw Three Ships’ it just makes me feel so happy! Check out this lovely version from Marianne Faithfull and the Chieftains. Which is your favourite Carol?

I am very excited about putting up the Christmas decorations and have to admit to having a few in place already!! The full on Christmas decoration-fest will begin next weekend…YES!! When will you put your’s up? Are you an early decorator or a Christmas Eve kinda person…I’d love to know?

Anyway that’s all from me today short and sweet and sending you wishes for a great week ahead!

Jane xxx

p.s. Can you spot the Dragon’s head?


12 thoughts on “The holly & the ivy

  1. Hurrah for festiveness! I have started my shopping – phew! And I have made the Christmas puds – NOM! And this week we shall mostly be eating out of the freezer to make some space. Decorations don’t go up until the last week of term here. Although I am already tired of being asked “How long is it to Christmas now?”!!!

    Love the dragons head!

  2. Jane I love the photo going up the steps! I have 2 fav Christmas songs; the first is step into Christmas because it is just a fun song. And the second is driving home for Christmas because it reminds me ofmy dad πŸ™‚ I want to put our decorations up now! 😦
    Much love πŸ˜€ ❀

    P.s. that is a cool dragon.

  3. Love the pictures Jane! We are slowly making our decorations here. This year we are doing popcorn and cranberry garland as I seem to have misplaced our boxes of xmas things in the garage….and there is no way I can get to it quickly, ha! Shopping is almost done, just a few pictures for the family and that’s it!
    Hope you have a lovely holiday!

    • Thanks LIz! So good to hear from you. Your garlands sound wonderful…good enough to eat!!! Wow shopping almost done those are words that I would love to be able to say…I am on a mission later to buy more of mine!! I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas in your new home with your lovely girls : ) xxx

  4. Hello Jane !
    We put the tree up yesterday & I need to get into the mood for starting making gifts for my family.
    One of my favorite Christmas song is Chestnuts on an Open Fire, sang by Nat King Cole.
    Have a great new week my friend !

  5. Hello, Jane! I love carols, too! (Now I will have them in my mind all day!) One of my favorites has always been O Holy Night. And I’ve always loved, I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!
    Hope you have a vey happy week!
    Elizabeth xoxo

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