This week & Sunday Selection

Hello lovely people! How are you? Jolly good I hope! Very sunny here, hope it is where you are too!

Well it’s only 5 weeks until the big day are you organised or totally dis-organised like me!!?? It’s Christmas on the same date every year and yet every time it catches me out. I have come to the conclusion that I am stupid, seriously folks!! This is the conversation I have in my head with myself every year.

‘I am going to start doing my Christmas shopping early, every pay day from August I will buy some presents’. 

‘What a fantastic idea!’ (that’s me answering myself ).

Then nothing… and it’s November…EVERY YEAR…when will I learn not to listen to myself!!! Or maybe to actually listen to myself and then do it!!

I am sure there will be a few of you feeling the same (I hope…otherwise I am alone and that makes me feel worse!). I did get one person’s gifts last week so I feel slightly better but worryingly there is still quite a way to go! Some I will make, which is no problem, and I think online is going to be my best option for the rest as I am not the keenest of shoppers.

I sincerely hope you are not as lax as I am…please break it to me gently if you have all your gifts sorted, but I would love to know how you are getting on in your Christmas gift quest : )

Now onto this week’s Sunday selection which is totally un-Christmas related…or is it? Perhaps a few Christmas gift ideas in there for the music lover in your life? Anyway, I watched a programme on Friday night about Mr. Bowie and decided to search for related creative makes and came up with these beauties! I hope ya like ’em?

What a hero Mr. Bowie is, so many good tunes. My shop and blog are named after one of his songs called ‘Kooks’. Me and my husband played this song a lot when our son was born (he was premature so it was all a bit of a worry) the song holds many memories, some a little sad but mostly happy.

Anyway, have a fab Sunday and a super week ahead!

Jane xxx

david bowie inspired heroes lyric poster by conceptionstudios

oh you pretty thing illustration print by nan lawson

ziggy stardust embroidered patch/brooch by leighlalovesyou

david bowie paper doll by claudia varosio


5 thoughts on “This week & Sunday Selection

  1. Loving the paper doll! We are SO alike. I have exactly the same conversation with myself in August and yet again here I am with absolutely nothing bought but growing increasingly more twitchy about it as the days go by and every time someone says “its… weeks till christmas”!!! And I have no one to blame but myself. Today I have added the ingredients for Christmas pudding to tomorrows shopping list so I guess I can officially say I have started now – phew!

  2. Oh I do feel a little better now! At least I have a Christmas panic partner now, we can get stressed together : ) Me with my one gift bought and you with your pudding in hand…we’ve got it sorted!!! LOL! The paper doll is rather wonderful isn’t it? I never dreamed there would be so many David Bowie related items out there!! Hope work is still going great for you, how was week no. 2? Jane xx

  3. Great selections! I have not started Christmas shopping, either! I really like to enjoy Thanksgiving here in the US and then think about all the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I did get my dog a new snowflake collar at the Holiday Fair on Sunday. That’s bad, right? My dog has a Christmas gift and no one else! But it is handmade and so cute!
    Hope you have a very happy day!

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