Hello : )

Well, I haven’t blogged for 12 days…how did that happen? I really don’t know? I just really haven’t felt like it, it’s been a sort of unscheduled break and I have enjoyed it!! There I said it, yes I have enjoyed not blogging! I was getting a bit bogged down with it, well not just it, everything. I have been feeling stressed people but you may be pleased to hear that I am coming out of the other end less stressed and very much looking forward to the  F e s t i v e   S e a s o n. The reason for my stress is nothing more than life and an inability to cope at one particular time…it happens sometimes doesn’t it?

I just wanted to say  h e l l o  and I hope you are doing just fine!

I will leave you with a few photos from this past weekend from our visit to  L  i n c o l n…wow what a place, I love it and must urge you to go if you haven’t been…it is  p r e t t y  with a capital P!

Have a great week!

Jane xx


8 thoughts on “Hello : )

  1. Glad you’re back 🙂
    We all have such busy lives… Sometimes something has to give. I’d rather it was the blog than something worse.
    Lincoln does look pretty. I’ve driven through it but never visited properly.
    Here’s to a calmer week… Better start those festive preparations soon (eek!)

    • You are so right something does have to give and I would hate for blogging to feel like an added stress as I love it so much, the break was needed! You really should visit Lincoln it is stunning!! Very giddy about Christmas I can’t wait to trim up!! Bet your boys are excited, do they have big lists? J xx

  2. Welcome back my friend ! Sometimes we really need breaks, and breaks from the online life are really refreshing. So glad it did do you good !!
    Um, yep, the holidays will be here in no time, and I’m starting to freak out a bit. I may be organized, my days are still way too short, my lists way too long, and well, I can’t do it all. But I’ll try to take it easy … stress is not the best of gifts for the holiday season, right ? 😉
    Lincoln looks very pretty indeed ! I need to google to see where it is located. Thank you for the photos, they truly are charming & enchanting !

    • So true Sonia, there has to be a balance : ) and yes it has done me good!!

      Don’t freak out, just work through your list and I know you will get it all done…it is getting ever closer though!! I need to crack on with things!

      Lincoln is so pretty I enjoyed every minute of our time there and we were with such wonderful friends, there was lots of laughing, a great stress buster! Jane xx

  3. Hi Sweet Friend! I know just how you feel! In fact, when reading your sentence about being bogged down, I read it as blogged down:) One of my favorite things about blogging is keeping up with you and my other favorite creative ladies. But life has just been overwhelming lately. My holiday shows are Thursday and Sunday. Family trips, school, and activities keep us hopping. I sure hope to get back to normal soon! I am glad you are feeling less stress and looking forward to the holiday season! Sending you much love!

    • Hi Elizabeth! It’s so nice to hear from you my lovely friend. I know you are so busy for the shows and I wish you all the best for them, you will be fantastic!! Life does get a bit overwhelming sometimes doesn’t it and something has to give. I really needed that blog break and I did enjoy it but I do love to keep in touch with my wonderful friends too!!

      I hope Thursday and Sunday are great for you, I will be thinking about you!! Take care my friend. Jane xxxx

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