Happy Halloween!!

Here is a bit of  c r e e p y  creative writing for  H a l l o w e e n  from my son! It was a piece for his homework and I think it is very apt for today!

T h e   a b a n d o n e d   t h e a t r e

The street was dimly lit by the flickering, smashed street lights. The night had come in what seemed like only a matter of seconds. The wind was whistling; the night was suddenly cold as if all the warmth in the air had been sucked out of the world.

He was considering turning back; his gut instinct told him otherwise. The road suddenly stopped and a wide gravel path continued where the road should have been. The street lamps got dimmer and dimmer every step he took; the path got narrower too. Eventually the path stopped and the lights were no more. His surroundings were now derelict and abandoned; he stopped at a set of heavy iron gates. He scanned his surroundings and saw no sign of real threat and pushed open the gate. It creaked when it was opened and he nearly jumped out of his skin!

He hesitated and then continued walking. The night had become foggy, and what looked like a theatre came into view. As he drew nearer the odd building became clearer. He could now see that the theatre had not been used for years as it was clearly on the verge of falling apart.

Thoughts raced through his mind. Why had the building not been used for so long? Why was it still here and what was it being used for?

He walked up to a warped, rickety door and knocked on it. The door opened a sliver and a bony, wrinkled hand came out and beckoned him inside. When the door was opened fully all was revealed. There was a dusty smashed chandelier with a few candles carelessly placed in it. The strange man appeared behind him; then walked in front of him beckoning him further inside. He followed.

They walked through the dark, creepy corridor and continued round the corner ducking under a curtain of cobwebs and into the theatre. He scanned the room and saw there were only three people there, so he took the opportunity to sit in a front row seat, then the show began.

The man stood on the stage and said no words, nothing, eventually he bowed. Then it all began…

By (the actual) kooksgingerboy

H a v e   a   s u p e r   S P O O K Y   t i m e!

Jane x x


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