The smile

A truly happy Friday to you!!! I have never been so glad to reach the end of the week. I don’t like wishing my life away but phew!!

How are you? Has it been a busy week for you too?

Next week promises to be a lot slower, it’s October half term here and I am having a few days off work to spend at home with my lovely boy : )

Creative writing didn’t come easy this week, probably because my head has been full of lots of other nonsense, but I have managed it. It did start off as something completely different, however I am pleased with it. I thinks it’s turned out to be a story about hope in a way.

T h e  s m i l e

She stared out of the window onto the street; people bustled past busy with chores and places to be. A couple of school children ran by and she could hear their laughter, all their lives in front of them.

She turned her face back to the television and tried to muster up some enthusiasm, but the day had worn her out with its blandness.

Pulling herself up from the chair her stomach rumbled; she’d had nothing to eat all day. Sliding her feet into her slippers she shuffled through to the kitchen in search of some food.

First she opened the bread bin finding inside one stale slice of wholemeal bread. He’d always insisted on wholemeal, ‘None of that white rubbish in this household’, and she’d been happy to oblige. Moving over to the fridge she opened the door and the light inside flickered; it had been doing that for as long as she could remember, she’d expected the bulb to go completely but it just kept on flickering. Reaching for the milk a rather pungent smell wafted up from the carton and checking the use by date there was no wonder.

Since he’d gone life had been hard, she’d lost her spark and the world somehow felt bigger and a little more daunting. When he was alive they’d never have been stale bread and milk on the turn, she’d had purpose. Standing there in the kitchen at that moment she felt so alone, she couldn’t even remember the last time she’d spoken to anyone; it somehow felt easier not to go out there, safer.

Shuffling back through to the lounge she stopped at the framed photograph on the sideboard, a handsome chap in a uniform smiled at her; she smiled back. ‘I know Jack’, she said out loud. ‘What the hell am I doing love?’

She carried on to the lounge door, passing it without entering the room. She took her coat off the hook and put it on; then her shoes. As she unlocked the front door and opened it to go out, she looked back and he was still smiling. ‘Good afternoon Mrs Ross!’ shouted Julia from next door. ‘It is love isn’t it?’ she replied.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying Friday!

Have a really great weekend!

Jane x x


6 thoughts on “The smile

  1. I love your story! Thank you for writing something that made me stop thinking about myself and my busy day and think of someone else for a bit.
    I am glad you get to spend some extra time with your special boy this coming week! We have one day out of school and I am looking forward to it, too!

  2. I am so pleased that you like it Elizabeth, this writing business is really making me think about so many things it is so good for the soul. I hope you have an extra special day with your wonderful boy and girl. They are so lucky to have such a great mum!! Jane xx

    • I woke up feeling very fed-up today and you have just made me smile so much with your comments, thank you! So pleased to hear you are having a relaxed weekend, enjoy! Mine has been nice so far, have my friend coming for lunch today, will be nice to catch up : ) Have you got any plans for half term? J x x

      • Glad to have cheered you up. Vague and random plans for half term only – more chilling out, Grandma Patch visiting, maybe a couple of outings…. have to make the most of it as I start work on the 5th (mmmm got the job!) – eeeekkkkk!!!!

  3. OMG I am so pleased for you, well done!!!! I meant to ask and it completely slipped my mind, I am so sorry. Wow that really is good news! Did you get the chance to celebrate, bottle of something sparkly perhaps?? Massive congratulations to you. J xx

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