This week & Sunday selection

Hello and happy Sunday! Weather wise this weekend has been  s p l e n d i d, how about you?

Last week zipped by so flippin’ fast I think I missed some of it, plus I have been feeling under the weather, sinus infection and high blood pressure! The sinuses are feeling better (antibiotics) and I am hoping my blood pressure will be back to normal on my next visit to the doctor. Moan over.

Work was mental…nuff said!

We had a lovely time in Derbyshire yesterday, M a t l o c k  B a t h, where the trees looked splendidly autumnal and we ate the nicest fish and chips ever!

Just had lunch at my mum and dad’s which was delicious! My dad is still doing great, although he was caught kneeling down the other day and got told off by my husband…naughty Dad! : )

How has your week been? Have you enjoyed a bit of October sunshine? I hope so!

This week’s Sunday selection is inspired by my friend over at madebypatch as she has had a very hectic week and I thought a lovely  c a l m  selection of beauties would do us all good!

My thoughts are with my friend Sonia today…sending you much love x x

french lavender linen sachet by thesummergarden

white stone tea light candle holders by brooksbarrow

rustic cream pitcher by justwork

lavender cotton scarf hand dyed by elizabethkelly1

cream/white cotton throw by majaroma

Wishing you a calm (if possible) week ahead.

Jane x x


5 thoughts on “This week & Sunday selection

  1. Oooooo thankyou. Just what I needed. Especially like the lavender cotton scarf. I shall have chance to catch my breath after a job interview tomorrow briefly before gearing up for little J’s birthday on Tuesday. Roll on half term!

  2. Such lovely calm finds!
    I hope you are feeling better soon. And you are too sweet and kind to be dealing with blood pressure issues… I hope it comes down quickly.
    We had a lovely weekend. Sushi with my honey on Friday night. Shopping for fall clothes with my girl. Singing loudly in the car with my son:)
    xo Elizabeth

    • I could get on that chair and just fall asleep in that blanket Elizabeth! So glad you had a nice weekend. I love the idea of singing loudly in the car!! I am going to finish my course of antibiotics and then if I still feel under the weather I am going back to the doctors. thanks for caring xxx

  3. Jane, thanks so much for your lovely comments on the blog. I certainly can find peace over here on your blog! What lovely photos! We are having gorgeous fall color, but the weekends have consistently been wet and rainy. I hope your health issues improve soon!

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