The days that came after

Well folks it’s Friday again, another week just zipped by! I don’t even remember some of the days happening the week went so fast!!

This weeks creative writing is a bit sad I am afraid. I don’t know where it came from but I must have something on my mind, not sure what though. It must be hidden deep somewhere, but I am glad I got it out in this piece of writing.

T h e   d a y s   t h a t   c a m e   a f t e r

You were taken from me, and the days that came after I couldn’t bear to exist; so I slept instead. Without you I didn’t want to see, I didn’t want to hear, I didn’t want to breathe because you couldn’t.

I felt angry at the sun for shining, at the sky for being such a perfect blue and at the birds for singing their sweet songs.

Without you there I was empty. I blamed myself, as if somehow I deserved the agonising pain of this life without light. I was in a dark place in the days that came after.

Then one morning I woke to a bright shaft of sunlight piercing through the gap in the curtains and I felt you near. I closed my eyes and heard your laughter and that’s when I cried. All the sadness stuck fast, right inside me, until that moment.

After I cried I remembered all the good things; I still felt so very sad but now with a warm blanket of memories wrapped round me I laid my head down and found some peace.

Wishing you a  l o v e l y  weekend x x


5 thoughts on “The days that came after

  1. Oh bless you I bet you are shattered! Hope you get a break this weekend : ) Thanks so much for your comments about this week’s piece. I am really enjoying this creative writing, I think it’s becoming a little cathartic! Take care J x x

  2. Sad but beautiful too. It’s a bit mad here this week (did you guess? no blog posts!) so I’m just going from one thing to another. Looking forward to it calming down a bit, really hope that its not going to carry on like this until Christmas!! Hope your week is calm 😉

    • I was getting a bit worried about you to be honest and was about to pop over to you blog to ask if you were okay…glad you are! Hope the coming week is calm for you too. Some weeks are a bit like that aren’t they!! Thanks for your comment on the writing. Take care and even if it is a bit hectic again try to find a bit of quiet time…don’t burn out!! : ) xx

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