This week & Sunday selection

Happy Sunday! I hope you are doing well? How has your week gone? Has it been a good one!!

Mine has been a pretty ordinary one really, just the usual family stuff; work, school, cleaning, shopping. Having said that, we have celebrated my mum’s 70th birthday this week which has been really nice; spoiling my mum with pretty gifts and seeing family we don’t get to catch up with so often.

I finally managed to get making with some  f e l t  which has pleased me greatly, I do love felt so much there are so many rich and lovely colours.

O u r   p a r k   is full of   a u t u m n   colour which is absolutely stunning and never ceases to amaze me with it’s beauty every year. We had a little walk before lunch today which was great for blowing away the cobwebs!

A u t u m n   c o  l o u r s  are the inspiration for this week’s  ‘S u n d a y  s e l e c t i o n’. It was soooo hard to choose this week as I found loads of utterly beautiful creations. I hope you enjoy the one’s I settled on.

autumn hues necklace by balanced   wool felt sheets from sweet emma jean

fine cotton scarf from thebesscorner2   beaded earrings by kahdi

poncho in autumn colours by aalexi

I really love catching up here on Sunday so please, if you have the time, do share your week with me : )

Take care and have a colourful week ahead!

Jane x x


6 thoughts on “This week & Sunday selection

  1. What a beautiful sunny selection indeed ! That wool felt !!!!!!
    My week last week ? Well I spent a bunch of time handmaking the gifts I gave to my 3 y-o niece, I went shopping with hubby (including buying new fridge), and well, the rest went pretty uneventful (except hubby’s fall, on Saturday afternoon : more on the blog)
    Your park looks soooooo beautiful in the autumn, it must be a joy to have a walk there ! I wish I had a park like that, around !
    Have a great new week, dear Jane !! oxoxo hugs

    • The gifts for your niece were so lovely Sonia! So sorry about your husband’s fall (just read all on your blog) : ( Oh, yes, the park, my haven of tranquility!! Have a great week too. Love Jane xx

  2. I love your new brooch and autumn finds! Pretty, pretty!
    My week felt weird because it was sandwiched in between the beach trip with my ladies group at church and the beach trip with my best college buddies. I did enjoy every moment I could with the kids during the week since I knew I was leaving again so soon. I loved seeing my buddies this past weekend. We sang and danced and ate lots of good food. We are all truly goofy together!
    Happy Birthday to your mom!
    Glad you had a good week:)
    p.s. I was thrilled to see a special package from England on my kitchen island when I got home. I LOVE the ring and the notecards! You are so talented!

    • Wow you have had a busy few weeks but singing, dancing and eating good food sounds wonderful!!! I will pass on your wishes to my mum, thanks : ) I am so glad your goodies arrived safe and that you like them. I don’t think I am talented but the compliment is lovely. I just love creating things and if they make people happy then I am happy. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the week. Much love Jane xx

  3. I love your felt flower -so spot on for the season 🙂
    Do you do your composite images in Photoshop or use a service to design these. A friend told me about one that’s supposedly easy to use and I’ve completely forgotten what it was! As for my week – bit of a blur – lots of orders to do so its been heads down. x Gabs

  4. Some weeks (most these days) are like that aren’t they? Maybe we should all slow down a little but I suppose we all get carried along on the wave! Thanks, I really like mustard and grey together. I either put them together in a publisher document or I use picmonkey which is an amazing thing (and addictive!!). You should give it a go for sure : ) Hope this week is a little slower for you, although, it doesn’t sound like it so far : ( Jane xx

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