The room

Hello and happy Friday! I do hope you are well?

Here is my third offering of creative writing. This is completely a work of fiction which I enjoyed writing a great deal. I hope you enjoy it…does it make you want to read more? I hope so!

T h e   r o o m

She woke in a room that she didn’t recognise, yet at the same time, something about it seemed so familiar. She eased herself up wincing slightly as a sharp pain shot up her left side. As she looked around slowly there was nothing that she knew as her own; a bedside cabinet, two mismatched chairs, a white vase. She took in a deep breath and gently laid her head back onto the pillow, it was then that she realised, it was the smell of the room that was familiar, a sort of sweet almost sickly perfume.

For a while she drifted in and out of a half sleep, but the heavy scent was always there, almost unbearable in its pungency. Even though her eyes were still closed she became aware of a presence in the room that she had not noticed previously. Her eyelids felt heavier than they had ever done before but she had to open them, she needed to see who else was in this unknown room. As her eyes opened she could see a dark figure to the right of the window. Light was fading as dusk approached and she strained to focus on the other person in the room. ‘Hello Emilia’. The voice sounded like crashing cymbals in the cold and silent space. She flinched at this sudden greeting but her memory knew this voice, it was familiar just like the smell. The figure began to move towards the bed, Emilia stared unable to speak, closer and closer until she could make out the black hair, now peppered with white, those steely grey eyes and that thin unsmiling mouth.

Then there was nothing, just blackness.

When she next opened her eyes, the other person was no longer there, the smell had faded. The lamp had been turned on, giving the space an almost warm feeling, and there was a cup of tea on the bedside cabinet. Emilia laid there not really knowing what to do; she felt tired, unwell and not at all in control of the situation. Where the hell was she, why did her body hurt so much and why had her mother, who she’d had no contact with for twenty years, visited her in this room?

Have a great day and a happy weekend!

Jane x


6 thoughts on “The room

    • Hi Nadia, thank you so much for your very lovely comments. I have always loved writing from being young and have decided to take it up again. I am writing a short piece every week as a practice and I really enjoyed writing this one! I don’t know myself what is going on…I may have to continue with this one. Have a great weekend. Jane : )

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