This week & Sunday selection

Hi there and how’re things? I hope your are having a super weekend! What kind of week has it been? Busy, quiet? Manic!! Mine has been fairly steady which has been good.

My Dad is continuing to recover well from his operation, a little too well! I don’t mean I wish he felt awful, but he is just so impatient, and I am worried he will over do it and knock his recovery back. I do keep having a few ‘serious’ words with him. I am sure he probably wants to tell me to get lost but he’s my dad and I care about him.

On Friday night I caught up with a friend for dinner (scampi – very 70’s but not in a basket!) and a drink (a pint of Guinness and a large Merlot). We had a really good chat and a laugh, thanks H!!

T o d a y  I have decided to bring back ‘Sunday best’  but under the new name ‘Sunday selection’. Sunday best sounds a bit like ‘hey, these are the best and all the rest are rubbish’, and even though that was not my intention I just think Sunday selection sounds nicer. There are so many wonderful things out there it’s hard to choose to be honest!

I have called this weeks selection  h o m e  to compliment my second creative writing piece which I posted on Friday. It’s here if you haven’t had a chance to read it.

I thought as  C h r i s t m a s  is not too far away it would be good to bookmark some gifts too! I hope you like my choices.

tea towels yellow and green stripes by linen world

home sweet home giclee art print by one little bird studio

spoon rest by sonia girotti

linen tablecloth by lovely home idea

hand made pillow brown and pink by paula

Sending you lots of   h a p p y   v i b e s   for a fabulous week ahead.

Jane x x

p.s. Just to let you know, I appreciate every comment made and every like so thank you x


11 thoughts on “This week & Sunday selection

    • Hi Liz!! I am so glad to hear from you my friend. How the heck are you and your lovely family?

      I am getting good at fitting blogging in when I can, mainly after 10pm!! But, I love it and it’s my time with my thoughts and stuff. Hope you return to blogging more soon, your blog looks lovely too. Take care and thanks for your really lovely comments, it means a lot! Jane xxxx

  1. Good evening my friend !
    Very happy to read your father’s recovering very well from his surgery.
    Ah, I missed your Sunday Selection (or what was the equivalent in the past) !!
    The spoon rest has stolen my heart twice ! LOL 😉
    Happy new week ahead, and thanks for always being around.
    Love ya ! xoxo

    • Thanks so much Sonia! The spoon rest is a beauty isn’t it!! The pillow has stolen my heart too : ) I hope you have had a good weekend. Have a great week ahead too. Much love. Jane xx

    • Would love them all if I am honest!! You deserve Monday as a recovery day, feet up plenty of tea/coffee and cake perhaps? So glad your building work is nearly over, phew! Have a great week!! Jane xx

  2. Lovely selections! I’m so glad you had a great evening with your friend and that your dad is doing well! (I had a good time on my ladies retreat! I’m exhausted from all the fun!)
    xoxo Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth! So pleased to hear you had a great weekend and that lots of fun was had!! It’s so good to go away and have a really good laugh with friends isn’t it? Today maybe needs to be filled with coffee? Have a really great week! Jane xxx

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