This place

Hello and I hope you have had a splendid week so far?

This second piece of creative writing is written from the heart, this is about me and mine and not a work of fiction.

T h i s   p l a c e

It’s where I have laughed until I couldn’t breathe, cried myself to sleep; felt helpless, felt happiest, kissed, hugged, talked, and brought home my baby. It’s a place of untold memories, not just mine but the people before.

It’s like I haven’t known any other, just this, so familiar as if this is where my life began and all others were imagined.

Life was formed here, death looked over my shoulder here; lives are lived here. We sing, we dance, we play, we create, we grow, we love, oh yes we love. We shout and there is silence, there are others and there is just us.

It’s ours: it smells of us, feels like us; and when we return after a long journey we rest our heads here and feel safe.

It’s where we feel like nothing else matters in the world. This place is not simply bricks and mortar it’s where we belong; the three of us.

Happy Friday and wishes for a lovely weekend.

Jane x x


8 thoughts on “This place

  1. this is beautiful Jane – it brought tears to my eyes. I gave birth in our kitchen to my second child. I moved so much when I was young. This is where I am finally putting down roots and reading this helps confirm that. Thanks x

    • I am so glad you have found ‘your place’ Gabriella! I love visiting places but I am always glad to be home. Hope you are feeling lots better. Have a wonderful weekend. Jane xx

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth! We do need a place to be ourselves. I think I realise more how much home means when the night draw in and it’s all snug inside. Have a wonderful weekend with your family too. Jane xx

  2. Beautiful. It’s exactly how I feel about my current home, even though we haven’t been here that long. So glad we moved, I know we will be here for a long time building those memories. Big J has not quite forgiven us for moving house… Hopefully one day he will visit us here and feel like this too. Absolutely love Laura Ingalls Wilder too!

    • Thank you so much! Your home sounds wonderful and I know you will make the best memories for your two lovely boys. I am sure you are forgiven already!! Have a really great weekend! Jane xx

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