This week . . .

. . . i t   h a s   r a i n e d . . . L O T S!  You have no idea how glad I am that we live fairly high up, otherwise I would have been building a boat. Luckily it has calmed down and we have seen some sun the past few days. I just feel so sorry for all the people who have had to deal with flooding…I cannot imagine how awful it must be.

Anyway, now I’ve got that out of my system, how the heck are you? Has it rained where you are? Oops sorry, there I go again with the rain…I promise I won’t mention it again (slaps own hand).

My poor dad has been in hospital this week having a knee replacement, he is now bionic and doing incredibly well! He is one of the fittest 70 year old’s I know and I am so proud of him. We visited him in hospital the day after his operation and he was so chirpy and positive I could have cried! Good luck with the rest of your recovery lovely Dad. Although I do pity my mum as he is going to be a pain to keep from doing too much too soon!!

I definitely feel that the shift in season is making me want to hibernate a little. How about you? The heating has been on quite a bit but I do like that  c o z y   f e e l i n g  of closing the door on the cold and feeling all snug and safe inside!

I added a few new items to my shop too which I am really pleased about. I love these new creations, they just make me feel  h a p p y  when I am making them. I haven’t got round to making anything with felt yet but will certainly endeavor to do so in this coming weeks.

I also did a little writing which has pleased me enormously as creative writing is something I used to do a great deal when I was younger. If you haven’t seen it already you can read my first piece here.

I hope you are having a lovely relaxing (or maybe happily busy?) weekend and thanks for visiting my little space.

T a k e   c a r e

Jane xxx


4 thoughts on “This week . . .

  1. Glad to know your Dad is doing well. My builders made up for the lack of work due to rain by bringing their mates on Thursday – there were four of them, so the repointing of the house at the front is almost finished. Might have been more finished if their van hadn’t broken down on Friday though! I have been struggling with application forms and the possibility of going back to work! Did get up to my scruffy work space once or twice to play with some fabric and have been busy with my hook too of course.

    • Thanks so much, he is really going to be a pain though, had a chat with him today and he thought he’d be walking for his paper in 2 – 3 days!! So glad your building work is almost finished, bet you are more glad though!! Wow that’s a biggie, going back to work. I wish you lots of luck and hope you get the job you want…application forms are horrible aren’t they!! Look forward to seeing more of your blanket squares, the colours so far are beautiful! Have a good week ahead. J xx

  2. Hi Jane! I hope your dad recovers quickly! My dad has had both knees replaced and he is so thankful he did! He is a big kid sometimes and I am so glad his knees get him where he wants to go!

    Hope you have a sunnier week! It has been pretty here. I am getting ready to go for a light run… Honestly, I would rather take a nap…

    • Thank you very much…I will pass on your well wishes. It’s good to know your dad has had them both replaced and feels it was so worthwhile! My dad is also a big kid at heart, J adores him totally!!

      So glad to hear you’ve had good weather. Enjoy your run! We had a lovely long walk today!! Take care my friend xxx

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