This week

Well hello there, pull up your favourite chair, bring that cuppa over and let’s have a chat : )

How has your week gone? I hope it’s been a happy and productive one. Has autumn arrived where you are or are you still holding on to the very last days of summer?

I have been so busy at work this week I haven’t had a minute to be honest. We have lots of events coming up over the next few months, including our Christmas programme, and only just having got over one of our biggest events of the year, it just seems to be all systems go! I love being busy though and Christmas events are nice to work on, even so, I was still glad to finish for the week on Thursday.

I had a really great night out with a friend this week, we put the world to rights over a glass (okay a few glasses) of wine. We actually live next door to each other, and believe it or not we don’t see that much of each other, so it’s good to go out and catch up once in a while.

I have managed to get a few more items in my shop this week and hope to get some more creations in there over the coming weeks. I think I am going to make some cute little felt brooches, it’s ages since I have made anything with felt, so it will feel good.

The weekend has consisted of a lovely walk to and back from town with my lovely boy…it was a  p r o p e r   a u t u m n   d a y …my favourite…blue sky & chilly…yum! We walked through o u r   p a r k  which for me, no matter how many times I have been there, is always a treat.

Today me and J went to  D e r b y s h i r e  with my lovely mum & dad for a beautiful walk on the  L o n g s h a w  E s t a t e  and then lunch in a cozy pub called  F o x  H o u s e  which was delicious!

All in all it’s been a great week…I look forward to the weekend so much and it’s just seems to go by in a flash…sigh.

I would love to know what you have been up to…did your weekend fly by too?

Wishing you a  h a p p y  &  h e a l t h y  week ahead!

Jane x x


6 thoughts on “This week

  1. Hi Jane! It sounds like a good week! The Fox House looks so cozy… I would love a place like that! I am so glad you had time to spend with your friend! Don’t you just feel more like yourself after a fun evening with friends? Our week was good. I worked on a few custom orders and enjoyed a brunch with friends. I love all of your new jewelry!
    xo Elizabeth

    • It was a good week and it sounds like your’s was too which I am pleased to hear. Yes, seeing friends really recharges my batteries! Brunch with your friends sounds great…what did you have to eat? Have a wonderful week ahead kind friend!! Jane xxxx

  2. Hello my friend 🙂 It’s been a while since I last stopped by & I must apologize. It’s been very busy over here, and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon. But everything’s fine so don’t worry 😉
    Autumn is making its way over here, it always very politely waits until the official date LOL
    The new brooches are lovely, and so are all the photos you’ve used for your post today.
    I hope everything’s OK at work, and of course at home as well !
    xoxox big hugs & have a great coming week !

    • You don’t have to apologise Sonia, you just pop by when you can I totally understand as sometimes I am pushed for time too! I love your line about ‘autumn politely waiting’ that really made me smile!! Thanks for all your kind comments too…everything is good here just busy as we all are sometimes. I do make sure there are calm and peaceful moments thrown in there too or I think I might go mad! Have a wonderful week ahead. Jane xxxx

  3. Glad you’ve had a good week. I must tell you I laughed when I read, “I have been so busy at work this week I haven’t had a minute to be honest.” Thought maybe you had time to be dishonest! Sometimes I wonder where my ideas come from! I love the plant photo with all the dew – very nice! Weather here in Calgary is stellar – you’d think it was mid summer. Gonna be a great week!

    • Hi Terri, I can see how that made you laugh! I didn’t have time to be dishonest either!! : ) Glad Calgary has good weather, hope you have a really great week! Thanks for your kind comment about the photo too xx

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