This week

Hello there and how are you? Good I hope!

‘This week’ is going to be a new Sunday ‘thing’ here on my humble little blog. It’s going to be a way of summing up my week, sharing any news, new creations, thoughts or maybe sometimes just to say hi how are you, all neatly packaged up in one post on the same day every week. Sunday seemed the best day as it’s the most relaxed of my week.

 Let’s call it an online cuppa and a catch-up, we’ll take it in turns to bring biscuits or cupcakes!

Here goes…

My week has mainly involved recovering from last weekend, which I have managed to do. You have no idea how glad I was when Friday finally rolled around!

We had a meal out for my husband’s birthday which was really lovely. It’s so good to have a night out every now and then to catch up with each other amidst all the daily chaos (or is that just my house?).

We have had quite a few ‘moods’ this week. I am trying to be as gentle as I can but my patience has been tested more than once. We have definite signs of ‘someone’ almost becoming a teen!

We re-discovered a  lovely park this week too. It must over 5 years since we last visited and I really don’t know why we left it so long! Oh, Elizabeth, you will be pleased to hear I used some of the outdoor exercise equipment while we were there! : )

Today…well, I am not sure what it holds really? I want to try to make a lemon drizzle cake (I will let you know how that goes!) and maybe a walk…oh yes and there’s the ironing : (


I hope your week was a good one, I’d love to know a bit about it if you have the time to spare?

Have a great week ahead…Jane xx

I will leave you with photos from our visit to Millhouses Park…


6 thoughts on “This week

  1. Ok, I have coffee and I’m reading!! My week was full of banging, hammering, drilling, dust, rubble, endless cups of tea and…. Builders! Re-pointing. Not fun but I think the worst is over now. Yesterday they started putting back the mortar. It was so quiet I thought they had gone home! I have done bits and pieces around the house and have been adjusting back into the old/new routine. And crochet – have finally started on Rachell’s CAL. Mr P was off with man-flu so I had company on Friday and I went into town with Big Little Bro on Wednesday. Busier than I thought!

    • Coffee in my hand too! Thanks so much for sharing your week, and boy what a week you have had!! At least the banging is over with, it really does start to get to you after a while doesn’t it? Hope Mr P is over his man-flu and I am very glad you have fitted in some creating too!! The coming week should at least be a little quieter…have a good one!! xx

  2. Jane, I love catching up on your week! I am having a cup of coffee too! (I may need more because my son had a sleepover last night for his birthday. All 6 boys were asleep by midnight!) The park sounds so nice! Hooray for sneaking in a little exercise! Good luck with the moods… Growing up is so hard sometimes. Wishing you a great week! xoxo Elizabeth

    • Happy Birthday to your son, I bet they all had a great time!! I love to hear your news too…it would be so nice to meet up in real life for a coffee and a chat but this is great too!!

      Growing up is hard and I think we are on the cusp of the hardest bit to be honest…13 was not an easy age I seem to remember (casts mind back through hazy fog!). He is such a good kid you know Elizabeth and I know it will all be fine in the end. Have a really great week ahead and I look forward to our next cuppa and catch-up! Jane xxx

  3. Thanks, Jane! He will be excited to get an international birthday greeting! 13 is hard…my parents called me a bear that year… We look back and laugh about it now, but it was awful… For all of us! Your boy is wonderful! Hang in there! And yes, I wish we could catch up in real life, too!

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