As the year begins to wind down slowly a new year begins for our children. Sending them back to school with summer still running through their veins; slow mornings, beach holidays and late nights swapped for early mornings, a fresh timetable, new teachers, the possibility of new friendships and the world at their feet. Wasn’t it exciting being young, time didn’t go so fast, the world was there for the taking. I had a great childhood and I want my boy to move into adulthood remembering lots of good times.

We didn’t rush about here, there and everywhere this summer we just enjoyed ‘being’ a lot of the time, doing our own thing for some parts of the days, having friends round, being lazy if we wanted, having walks, chatting and we have loved every minute of it. My boy turns 13 in January and somehow this summer felt special, sort of like it was the last one when he will truly need us in the sense of being a child. I know he will always need us and I am not being melancholy (OK then maybe un peu) but nearly being 13 is big isn’t it? I remember turning 13 and my whole world seemed to change somehow. Hopefully knowing our boy and how we have tried to help him to become the wonderful human being that he is, 13 won’t be the end of wonderful summers like this one has been.

If you have children I hope going back to school was as easy as it could be and I hope too that you have summer memories to cherish.

Happy Autumn!

Jane xx


6 thoughts on “September

  1. ok lady, you got me all teary eyed … my P is only 10 but I know 13 is not that far away, and teen age is not really something I’m looking forward. (next year he’ll change school, won’t be with his brother anymore, and it’s already started to eat me alive)
    But for now, they’re together, and back to school was great for everyone ! Yay !
    Big hugs to you my friend oxox

    • Oh sorry Sonia, but if it’s any consolation I made myself a little teary too!! Stages of our children’s lives can be hard can’t they but our worlds are so much richer with them around (apart from when they argue back!). Sending you a huge hug back xxxx

  2. Oh I’m teary too now lol! Little J just started Big School today with Big J. He was absolutely fine, excited and keen, went running in the door! I felt like it was my first day! Managed not to cry but was very nervous on his behalf. Have been missing him loads and wondering how he’s getting on. Have mightily enjoyed my lunch in peace in the garden though too šŸ˜‰

    • Ah bless you! I am so glad ‘back to school’ has gone okay for you too! Bet little J is excited to be at big school with his big brother!! So nice to eat in peace but I bet you will be glad to see them both at hometime!! Enjoy the peace while you can. J xx

    • Thank you Elizabeth! I cried all the way through writing it…it is heartfelt. I know our children must grow up and I celebrate this but who made it so hard too?!!! Hope your week is going well? Jane xxx

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