Love in a mist… my new plant crush. Just look at them, aren’t they gorgeous? My husband grew them from seed and I just had no idea how pretty they were going to be, I would love a garden full of them!! I found this wonderful time lapse video of a love in the mist flower opening, it’s so beautiful.

This will probably be my last post linking to The August Break 2012. I hope you have all had a wonderful August, it seems to have flown don’t you think? I cannot believe there is only 1 week left of the school holidays, I will miss my boy so much and I am back to working 4 days again!! This 2 days a week thing is just too good I can tell you!

I hope you have had a weekend full of good things and wish you a  great week ahead!

Jane xx


4 thoughts on “Love in a mist…

    • Thank you Elizabeth I am glad you have enjoyed them! I think next spring I am going to plant a wild flower patch in the garden. Have a wonderful week too! How is the fitness regime going? J xx

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