Our apple tree

I absolutely love our apple tree. We have a south facing garden which is a good thing but when it is really hot, as it has been, it can be unbearable to sit out. But our beloved apple tree provides shade and lovely cooking apples too! It was also the place my son loved to read his comics when he was younger. Do you have a favourite tree or plant in your garden, on your balcony or in your house?

The August Break 2012…I am really enjoying mine and will be so sad when the school holidays end!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead

Jane xx


6 thoughts on “Our apple tree

  1. I have an unfavourite tree! At some point in the past, someone who lived here before us thought it was a good idea to plant a eucalyptus tree in the garden. Right in the middle! They grow to be HUGE. Ours is pretty big… Too big. And still has plenty of growing to do :s It’s going to have to go. Wonder how much that will cost??

    • Oh dear yes we’ve had a few unfavourite plants! Eucalyptus do grow really big, my mum and dad had to get rid of one. it seemed to grow a foot a week!!! Not sure how much it costs but probably best to get rid before it get massive!! Have a fab week xx

    • I am so happy to hear that your daughter reads in a tree too!! I used to love watching J, he doesn’t seem bothered now he’s that bit older : (

      Maple trees are beautiful, does it turn really red in the autumn? J xx

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