Finding our garden style…slowly

Hello there! I hope you are doing great?

We have quite a nice sized garden, not small but not too big either which suits us perfectly. If I am honest I love having a garden but don’t really do a great deal of gardening, it is my husbands domain and I think he likes it that way. One thing I do like doing is choosing new plants which I find exciting!  Yesterday my husband removed a rather unattractive dark plant from one of the beds we have next to our patio and you would not believe the difference it made to the garden, we are so pleased!

We seem to have developed a liking for unusual plants in our garden and are slowly but surely transforming it…it will take years!

So, today we had a nice sunny walk and popped into a lovely garden centre to hunt for new plants…we also managed tea and cake while we were there, naughty but oh so nice!!

A few images from the last few days, including our new plants, part of The August Break 2012

Sorry…yet another sunset, I just love them!

A bit of excitement for us tomorrow…we are going to Sheffield (very close to us) to see Olypmic Gold Medal Winner Jessica Ennis return to her home city…hope we get a good view!!

I wish you a wonderful Friday and weekend! Do you have plans?

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Jane xx

p.s. check out my newest post on my adventures with food : )


6 thoughts on “Finding our garden style…slowly

  1. My garden style is “Tamed nature”! With emphasis on the nature bit lol!! Have to say I am a bit envious of your trip to Sheffield, am sure there will be a fantastic atmosphere. Jess is a total heroine. Enjoy.

    • Ours isn’t anywhere near what we would like it to look like as it has a large trampoline right in the middle of it! But that’s how it should be with kids!! Oh I really wish you could come and see Jess. I will try to get some photos but estimated crowds are rather big so I may fail!!! xx

  2. I love your sunset pictures and that one is very striking as it could almost be our house – I wonder if it faces North East and is it a detached bungalow?! Our garden is L shaped and faces that way but you find once you’re about 10 ft away from the back of the house it is in blazing sun! I am baking in the summerhouse today x

  3. It’s a South facing terrace and gets the loveliest sunsets ever, I am so glad you like them!! Our garden is hot most of the day which has good and bad points, it can be too hot some days…phew!! Don’t fry too long in the summerhouse…plenty of water!!! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend xx

    • There’s is always time for tea and cakes in every outing!!! Oooh cupcakes, I hope you enjoyed your trip out with friends. I adore lemon cake of any description!! xx

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