Tomato and thyme cod

People of the blogsphere, friends, enemies, indeed anyone…I just had to share this recipe with you!! OMG it was divine, delicious, moreish, soooo tasty and I need you to know this!!

I was browsing the net last night looking for recipes as we have friends coming for dinner on Saturday night and I wanted to try something different. Now I am no master chef and love a simple (yet tasty) recipe so when I came across this one I got very excited. It has two of my favourite ingredients, tomatoes and cod, so I knew I was onto a winner.

I excitedly bought the ingredients after work (even managing to get some half price thyme!) and it only took around 25 minutes to prepare. I am really looking forward to cooking this again at the weekend and hope our friends enjoy it too! I served mine with boiled new potatoes and tender stem broccoli (also half price!).

Lately I have been thinking to myself that I need to widen my cooking ability and move away from the same old dishes. I am so inspired by this easy yet unbelievably tasty dish tonight, maybe I will try a new recipe a week and build up my cooking confidence…could become a new weekly blog feature?

I urge nee implore you to try this recipe, it was quite simply delicious!!

The BBC Good Food website has some really excellent recipes, I shall be back there hunting for more inspiration.

Thanks for taking the ‘thyme’ to read my blog.

Jane xx

Leftover sauce…yum : )


7 thoughts on “Tomato and thyme cod

    • It is soooo lovely Elizabeth, I cannot wait to cook it again on Saturday!! I am really going to make the effort to cook more and it doesn’t have to be anything complicated does it? Have a great day!! xx

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