Time off…

…is just great isn’t it? It’s been five days and it feels like so much longer which is always a bonus. Seriously people I could get used to working two days a week, it rocks big time!!!

Not blogged for 6 days, although it feels like six weeks to be honest, have I been in some kind of time warp??!!

So, how have you been? Was last week a good week for you? Did anything exciting happen? I would truly love to hear.

We have done some cool things over the last five days, we’ve been to the cinema, played tennis, done lots of relaxing (that’s been good), found amazing things in unexpected places, had friends round, tidied the house, I may have shouted once or twice (I blame it on the heat), eaten too many custart creams, made some jewellery, bounced, watched TV (loved the Olympics closing ceremony), laughed lots, been out with friends…it’s been good…really good.

Here are a few photos of the last five days which are also part of The August Break.

Have a great week, hope it’s started well?

Jane xxx


4 thoughts on “Time off…

  1. Hello. We are all well and good, thanks for asking. Glad you have enjoyed your time off. We have been having a fantastic time too. Days out, time with friends, and now we are visiting Grandma Patch for the week. I’ll be worn out by the time it gets to term time!! Hopefully I will get a post written soon :s

  2. So glad to hear from you! Sounds like you have been having a great time too!! Have a fab time with Grandma Patch, try to have a bit of a relax, if you can!!! I look forward to your next post. Take good care xx

  3. Hi Jane, It sounds like you are really enjoying your time off! I’m so glad! Our week was good. Both children had friends over and we went to the pool a few times. We are still reading a bunch, too!
    Hope you have a great day!
    xo Elizabeth

    • Right now that pool sounds wonderful Elizabeth, it is so warm!! I really did enjoy my time off and only 2 days at work until another 5 off!! So happy you are having fun too. Hope your day is going well?
      Jane xx

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