I wonder

Hello and happy Friday to you all!! The weekends do seem to come round quickly these days don’t you think?

We had a lovely walk today out in the countryside and as we walked we came across a felled tree, not so unusual you might think? Well it wasn’t unusual apart from the fact that it had two names etched into it ‘Kirk and Kath’ and the year ‘1963’. It made me wonder, are Kirk and Kath still together, did they have kids, are they still happy? They must have been so in love when they etched their names on that tree and it’s still there, albeit felled, all these years later.

The image is part of The August Break. Have you and your love ever etched your name in a tree? There is something so romantic and eternal about it.

Wishing you a truly wonderful weekend my friends xxx


4 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Something tells me that if they are still together they would be absolutely thrilled to find their names are still quite clearly visible on this tree. Count me intrigued too!

    • I totally agree, who wouldn’t be thrilled. I really hope they are still together and still very much in love!! Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

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