Another challenge…

…but one that feels a little more relaxed. I really thought I might miss taking photos and blogging this month, but I don’t have the time to do it every day, so I have joined in The August Break 2012 again from Susannah Conway. I previously joined in with this in 2010 and remember really enjoying it. It’s very simple to join in and is so interesting hopping over to other people’s blogs and discovering something new, plus you can do it every day, once a week, whenever you like really. I am going to opt for a couple a week, let’s see how it goes. Why don’t you join me? I would love that!!

Here are my two offerings for today – dandelions and washing-up bubbles.

I do hope you are well this Thursday? The sun has been shining all morning here but there are quite a few dark clouds gathering!

Have a great rest of your day xxx


4 thoughts on “Another challenge…

    • That’s why I photographed them Sonia because I couldn’t believe how organised they looked!!! It’s nice to be a bit more spontaneous with the photographs isn’t it? Hope you’ve had a good Thursday? J xxx

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