Daft as a brush

I have lived in Yorkshire all my life and it is an amazing place with lovely people and beautiful coast and countryside. It’s Yorkshire Day today so I thought I would celebrate it here by teaching you a few Yorkshire words and phrases.

Nowt – Nothing

Spice – Sweets

Pack it in – Stop it

Gumption – Common Sense

Mardy – Miserable

Maungy – Spoilt

Gawpin – Staring

Here’s a sentence made from some of these words: What tha gawpin at, pack it in or tha’ll get no spice.

As time goes on I suppose a lot of the true Yorkshire dialect gets diluted but I definitely still use some words, for example:

Fettle is a word I use quite a lot which means clean, it’s a great word!

Chuffed is probably another one I use and this means pleased, so I might say ‘I am really chuffed with the the new brooch I have made’.

One saying that really makes me laugh is ‘I’ll go t’foot of our stairs’, this is used when you are surprised by something you have seen or heard.

Just in case you are wondering, the title of this post ‘daft as a brush’ means stupid or silly!

Anyway, I hope you are having a great Wednesday and have enjoyed learning a bit of Yorkshire!!

Do you have any phrases or words local to you that you use, like or that make you laugh? Please share them!

Jane xxx

I’ll leave you with another photo of one of my favourite places in Yorkshire, this is on Whitby Pier looking towards Sandsend.


6 thoughts on “Daft as a brush

  1. We’ve already spoken about the fantastic place/street names here too. One of my favourites locally is a road called “Thick Hollins” and another simply called “Solid”!!!

  2. These are wonderful! This one sounds very Southern… “That dog won’t hunt” means an idea or behavior will not be satisfactory. (My dad says that often!) No one in my family even hunts! And the next one is all mine… I say “tutti fruity” whenever something does not go as planned. (When little children are present, it’s much nicer than another word!:) I’m sure I’ll think of others soon… I’ll try to add more later!

    • I love the saying your dad uses, it’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing these Elizabeth and please share more if you can. I love that you say tutti fruity, I may adopt this myself!!!! : ) xxxx

    • Hi Gabriella, the English language is such an amazing thing isn’t it! I’m glad to have taught you a new word ‘spice’. Hope you are having a great weekend!! xx

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