Windows to the soul…

…how true. I think you can tell a lot from someone’s eyes, don’t you? I wonder what you see in mine?

‘Eyes’ is today’s word for photoadayjuly challenge and over the next week mine will be seeing…


…and these…

and this, not just a feast for the eyes but for the mouth also!

It will be a little quiet around here but I hope to bring you a week of photos on our return!

Take care of yourselves and thanks for always being here and looking at my stuff…it means loads. xxx


4 thoughts on “Windows to the soul…

  1. Hmmmm, looking a bit red… Have you got an urge to eat…BRAINS??? (Two small boys addicted to PvZ here!!) 😉 Hope you have a great time on your holidays and that the sunshines on you lots xxx

  2. Funnily enough when I was thinking about breakfast this morning brains on toast did cross my mind!! Thanks very much, just tidying the house as we have house sitters while we are away, then some ironing and we are almost ready!! Have a good week yourself…hope the sun shines for us all!!! Jane xxx

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