From glass to gold

Today’s word for photoadayjuly is ‘plate’ and I racked my brain to come up with something interesting or a bit different.

I decided to use my lovely glass cake stand for my photograph (not technically a plate but it behaves very much like one just with a stand) which I have then played about with a bit. I think the effect is quite nice making it look all golden courtesy of the sun shining on the table underneath.

I hope the middle of the week finds you well? Nearly school holiday time here only half a day left and then we go to Whitby for a week on Saturday. Can’t wait!! Do you have a holiday planned?

Take care

Jane xx


4 thoughts on “From glass to gold

  1. Looks “burnished” (is that a word? Did I make it up?). We have a week on a narrowboat later in the holidays and no doubt sometime spent at Grandma’s at some point. Little J is getting very confused. He knows it’s the holidays after this week but can’t understand that we are not “going on our holidays” yet.

    • ‘Burnished’…good word!!! Ooooh a narrowboat, that sounds very exciting! Ah bless little J he won’t have too long to wait. I am not sure about a holiday at the beginning of the summer break I might wish we were having another a few weeks in!!!

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