My addiction…

…among other things is felt and buttons. I know this sounds a bit loopy but I find buttons comforting to some degree, they hold things together, they are necessary and purposeful. There now you know I am mad…oh well! And felt, well it’s just so tactile and a joy to make things with…see that sounds less mad…have I redeemed myself?

Anyway, today’s word for day 17 of photoadayjuly is ‘your addiction’. What’s yours?

Have a great Tuesday!

Jane xx


9 thoughts on “My addiction…

  1. Not mad at all. I understand totally 😉 I think I am cultivating an old stool addiction (the kind you sit on in the kitchen!) to go with all the other addictions… Buttons…. ribbons….. fabrics…. old sewing machines….

  2. I know the button addiction too … I have more buttons than I will ever be able to use LOL My addiction these last months have been anything ceramic … bowls, plate, jugs, tumblers … and buttons ! LOL oxox

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