Taking the rough with the smooth…

…for today’s word ‘texture’ part of the photoadayjuly challenge from Fat Mum Slim.

I am still having lots of fun with this challenge and it has really given me pleasure using my blog more!

I hope you are enjoying my photos as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Happy Thursday!

Jane xx

Couldn’t decide on an image so chose two!


4 thoughts on “Taking the rough with the smooth…

  1. Very good idea my friend ! Both photos are very textural !
    Thank you so much for your kind words on the blog, they mean so much to me.
    I miss Gary so much, but I know he’ll be having a nice time there !
    We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning so today was busy with last minute preps.
    Have a great time while I’m away, have fun, and be well !
    xoxoxo much love

    • You are very welcome and you know I mean every word. Gary will be well looked after so no need to worry. Have a wonderful time on your break. We go on holiday to the seaside on the 21st and cannot wait. Take it easy my lovely friend xxxx

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