…colours are by far my favourites. People who know me will be aware that I never wear anything too bright, right? That’s not to say I don’t like bright colours, I can like a lime green or pink just as much as the next person but my heart is with muted colours. I just think they all tone so beautifully together, pinks and greens, blues and browns…lovely.

Anyway enough muted colour love let’s get to photoadayjuly shall we? There is a reason for that first paragraph though, honest! My lovely friend and colleague Jayne is getting married next year and she had sent for some ribbon samples from fini ribbon for her invitations. They came today and her partner (Christopher Henry Boot – Jayne made me put this Chris!) brought them to work for her so we could have a look (Jayne was very excited and couldn’t wait until she got home!). As you can see from the photo I took they are absolutely stunning and it’s safe to say that more of this ribbon WILL be purchased, right Jayne?!!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday?

Jane xx

So here it is, image no. 10 for Fat Mum Slim’s photoadayjuly challenge ‘your favourite colour’ or in this case ‘colours’.


8 thoughts on “Muted…

    • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for you comment, your ribbons are too pretty not to share. I should have linked your shop but I forgot to get your details from Jayne. I have now linked to you in my post for future visitors. Your ribbons are so beautiful, Jayne was very pleased with the samples! Jane xxx

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