Mr Hood’s ‘big’ adventure…

…takes him to the wild grasslands of Yorkshire (our back garden) but beware of the large ginger cat Mr Hood!!!

‘Big’ is the word of the day over at Fat Mum Slim’s photoadayjuly challenge. I had fun with this one, although my neighbours now think I am certifiable!

Happy Monday everyone! xx

(Lego Robin Hood courtesy of my son)


4 thoughts on “Mr Hood’s ‘big’ adventure…

  1. Oh, come on now, I’m sure they thought you were crazy before today lol ;). When I saw the little lego guy it made me think of the hours I spent playing lego with my son…he’s 22 now, thanks 🙂

  2. Oh you are so right! They know I am crazy!!! So glad Mr Hood brought back happy memories. My son is 12 and lego doesn’t see the light of day much lately : ( but I can play with it…right? J xx

  3. Ha ha! Love it. It’s very popular here, but we don’t have a Mr Hood. Little J especially likes all the mini figures and will happily just play with them. Big J has got to an age where he doesn’t need help to follow the instructions anymore (yay). I foresee lots of playing with Lego this summer 😀

    • It’s a flippin’ lifesaver lego and with all this rain I think you could be right! We spent an entire wet holiday in Whitby one year making lego figures!!! Isn’t it great though when they can build themselves, although I must say I kept my job as chief finder for quite a while!! Hope your week has started off great : )

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